The Bungalow

Bodering a lake, in the middle of the forest...

Katagamuwa Bungalow is located in the south east of Sri Lanka in a nature preserve bordering the largest national sanctuary in Sri Lanka Yala Nationa Park. it's situated in the most common type of dry land forest types of Sri Lanka which is ‘Dry mixed ever green forests'. The varieties of trees are truly breath taking & fascinating.

Elephant, Wild boar, Deer, Wild buffalo, Wild rabbit, Fox, Grizzled giant squirrel, Peacock any many types of birds are a common sight & if you are very careful & quiet you might be able to see Sambar deers, Panthers & Jaguars and even Bears. Animals that are indigenous to sri lanka like Toque macaque, Gray langur (Two species in the monkey family) & Meminna are also a common sight.

Crocodiles are a easy to spot in the Ktagamuwa lake. If you point a flash light at the lake after dark, you will see many pairs of burning golden coloured eyes of crocodiles waiting for an unsuspecting pray to have a sip of water. Katagamuwa Lake is said have the most dense crocodile population in Sri Lanka.

Katagamuwa lake and surrounding area is the home for many indigenous birds & provides a sanctuary for many migration birds as well.